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We get a lot of people asking us the question: “How do I become a professional snagging inspector?”

The market has recently become very saturated and for individuals trying to become a professional snagger, this can be an uphill battle. Since setting up in 2016 we’ve seen over 20 companies set up and close down.

Becoming a professional snagging inspector at HouseScan is quite straightforward if you’re the right person. As a company, we look for hardworking, customer-facing individuals with experience in house building/site management who have a keen understanding of building regulations and NHBC standards. 

What is HouseScan

HouseScan is the UK’s leading snagging inspection company. We operate across England, Wales & Scotland. We’re looking for experienced professionals such as site managers, contract managers or building inspectors to join our growing team.

We operate two companies centred around residential snagging inspections and quality assurance. 

  1. At HouseScan, we work for homebuyers purchasing a new build property in the UK. Our clients come from around the globe and we offer a renowned customer-facing 5* service.
  2. At Premium Inspections, we work for a range of clients including developers, contractors and other industry stakeholders.

We’re looking for professionals who are flexible in their working week. We aim to get our inspectors between 3-5 working days per week. Some of our team just work 2 days per week at their request and some work up to 6 per week.

For most parts of the country, we have 3+ weeks waiting time for inspections which generally means that most of the time your calendar is filled up to the level you request. Naturally though there is busier and quieter periods.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for experienced industry professionals with a vast knowledge of the house building process as well as a solid understanding of NHBC technical standards and UK building regulations. The majority of our snagging inspection team is built up from ex Site managers & ex NHBC inspectors (usually site management experience). Things we look for are below:

  • 15+ years of experience with residential construction
  • 10+ years knowledge of NHBC technical standards
  • Willingness to travel (UK driving license)
  • Computer and mobile device literate
  • Your own Laptop / PC
  • CSCS Card
  • Perfect English skills
  • The equivalent of NVQ level 6
  • Experience creating snag lists.

Why work for HouseScan?

There’s a number of reasons to work for HouseScan, from our dedication to customer satisfaction to our commitment to working with the best talent in the UK. We pay our inspectors better than our competitors with a very straightforward rate card

.   Largest coverage.

   Biggest inspection team. 

   Highest public review rating.

   Most comprehensive inspection.

   Most comprehensive report.

   A dedicated team managing customers and inspectors.

The Booking System

Inspectors can manage their diary from their phones. This allows for extensive flexibility of your day to day life and the ability to have work.

Our inspectors can log into an online portal, mark on a calendar which days they’re able to work. They can then draw a radius on an interactive map the distance they’re are willing to travel on that specific day. Our website/system will then take bookings for the inspector based upon this. The inspector then attends the inspection and complete the snagging on our tablet and in house software/app. Finally, the inspector will return home and format the report before uploading it to the customer’s account area. The average inspection takes around 4-6 hours and we provide all the inspection equipment. Our system allows complete flexibility and all of our inspectors are currently in a position to turn down work.

Pay is based upon a set rate which varies for the number of bedrooms in the property and the type of inspection being completed. As an example for a 4-bed house with thermal imaging, you would expect to receive around £200.00 + travel and this would take around 4-5 hours to complete the inspection. Travel is paid at 0.23p per mile.

The Team

Our team of assistants and executives work across our companies to help ensure inspections and day to day operations run seamlessly. The team will ensure that home buyers or third parties are suitably prepared for inspections and COVID-19 guidelines are being followed. They are also on hand at any point to answer questions and resolve any issues.

How to Apply

When we advertise for a new role we receive extremely high demand. In some cases, we’ve had over 75 people apply for a single role.

It’s therefore important to express and interest as soon as possible.

To apply for a professional snagging inspection role with us, send your CV and a cover letter explaining how you meet the following criteria:

  • Your location
  • Info on your current role and when that ends / the notice period.
  • Your experience/understanding of NHBC standards
  • Your requirement for work and flexibility around this.
  • Other relevant information.

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