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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Our services can vary in time drastically depending on several factors such as house Size, quality, age etc. Under no circumstances does the number of snagging items picked up, nor the time taken to pick them up affect the price paid. Our service is to inspect (snag) your house to the best of our ability. Although we give a guideline to the time taken and the amount of snags on average we pick up if the service takes less time or the amount of snags is less than anticipated we will not be held responsible and shall not issue any sort of refund relating to this matter.
  2. Access to the full property internal and external should be granted for the entirety of the inspection. Our inspectors will not leave or wait at the property if you have to leave unless this is clearly pre-arranged and mentioned in your confirmation email.
  3. If multiple persons are completing works on the property during the time of the inspection, it is not reasonable to expect the inspector to wait for any works to be completed. It is recommended that the inspector has sole access to the entirety of the property during the inspection.
  4. If any areas of the property are deemed uninspectable by the inspector then they reserve the right to not inspect this portion of the property. The customer will not receive any refunds of discounts of any sorts if this is the case.
  5. Receipt of our email confirmation to your provided email address is an agreement of the location, date, time and price. Any changes must be given in writing (email) 72 hours before the inspection takes place.
  6. HouseScan reserve the right to cancel your inspection and issue a full refund of deposit and any other payments at any time.
  7. If the inspection is unable to go ahead due to reasons including but not limited to the property being unfinished, the inspector identifying a risk to the customers or their own safety, COVID guidelines not being met, or the inability to gain access to the property on the day of the inspection then 50% of the total cost is payable to HouseScan. A further £50 deposit should then be paid to book a separate inspection.
  8. The pricing of the service is based on the number of bedrooms and property type. Any rooms which are above the ground floor and is not classed as a wet room shall be classed as a bedroom. As an example media rooms, gyms, cinema rooms etc. all count as bedrooms in relation to our pricing. Any alterations to this condition must be agreed in writing.
  9. Payment should be made within 14 days of confirmation of completion of the report.
  10. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT
  11. The re-inspection acts as a separate service to which an inspector will check the workmanship for the items on the previous report. They will not be looking for additional items just the ones on the original snagging report.
  12. The re-inspection will only be booked on a date where a HouseScan inspector is in the local area completing a separate inspection on a day that suits both parties.
  13. The re-inspection is only valid for 18 months from the date of the original snagging inspection.
  14. A minimum of Three working days notice is required to change the date of a booking else the deposit fee must be re-paid to start another booking.
  15. The Deposit payment acts as a method of securing a booking. This deposit is under no way refundable and is used to make up administration and the reservation of an inspector. If more than 2 weeks notice is given for a cancellation then the deposit can be refunded.
  16. HouseScan reserve the right to remove any offers sent in any method including email, website or in person. This includes but it not limited to any referral, monthly discount and rewards.
  17. If you are opting for the full package this gives 10% discount across our entire service range. The full amount for this “full package” is payable on completion of the original snagging inspection. This package cannot be dismantled or the payment broken up in anyway.
  18. If the “full package” has not been purchased, the customer can request to purchase the De-snag individually. However, they will not receive any discount and must pay for the entirety of the De-snag inspection at the time of booking.
  19. The De-snag must be completed within 2 years of the original inspection.
  20. Where possible the de-snag will be completed by the inspector who carried out the original inspection. However, this is not always possible for a range of possible factors. Therefore, it is common that a different inspector will conduct the De-snag inspection.
  21. If for whatever reason you do not go ahead with the De-snag inspection, HouseScan will not be liable to complete any refunds of any kind.

Thermal Imaging

  1. Thermal imaging is sold as a separate entity alongside our snagging inspections.
  2. The adequacy of the thermal imaging results is dependant on a number of factors including external temperature and wind speed. By purchasing the thermal imaging you acknowledge that the results and credibility of the results may vary. Specific info on the external factors will be detailed on the report.
  3. HouseScan LTD always ask that homeowners turn the heating up in their property at least one hour before the arrival of the inspector. This is to ensure that thermal imaging can be completed as soon as possible. The earlier in the inspection this can be completed the better.
  4. No refunds or discounts will be made available to the customer if the weather is not suitable except for on extreme circumstances and this will be solely at the discretion of HouseScan LTD.
  5. If there are any technical issues with the thermal imaging camera which means the thermal assessment can’t be carried out. The full amount for the thermal imaging inspection will be refunded or discounted from the final payment. HouseScan will under no circumstances be liable to return and re-complete thermal imaging inspections.


  1. HouseScan offers a building inspection / snagging service. We use our best abilities to help ensure we pick up every defect in your house. This, however, may not always be possible. This may be due to; accessibility/visibility in or out of your house, human error or any similar item. HouseScan takes no responsibility for any defect/issues missed or miss represented.
  2. We make it very clear that we are here to help you every step of the way and pride ourselves on aftercare. Our goal is to get your house to the standard you expected. If your house builder refuses to complete defects we will advise you on the best ways to approach the builder. However, this is out of goodwill and our service is on the basis a snagging inspection and report. We take no responsibility if your builder refuses to complete defects.
  3. Personal and payment information may be processed by a third party company. This is purely in the interest of safeguarding customer data. The current payment client used is Stripe.

  Active International

  1. The full-service offering of the Active international package can be found on the web page:
  2. Once the de-snag has been completed HouseScan will not within the original package costing and payment continue acting on behalf of the client.
  3. If the client requires us to continue acting on their behalf following the de-snag, whether that be for further communications with third parties or to complete additional inspections this will be priced on a case by case basis.
  4. HouseScan takes no responsibility if the developer or any other third party does not complete remedial works on the client’s property.
  5. HouseScan takes no responsibility if following the de-snag there is still issues/defects/snags outstanding. We will clearly present to you all the information we have and advise you on the best course of action.
  6. HouseScan will not be held accountable for any miss information or lack of transparency by the client’s developer or any third party.
  7. At no point will any refunds or discount be given in relation to the lack of cooperation or acceptance of the report etc by the developer or any other third party involved.
  8. In circumstances where HouseScan offers advice or support to the client or any third party, HouseScan takes no responsibility for any time, resource or cost implications this may have.
  9. The service is limited to 1 year from the original inspection to the de-snag. This time frame should be much less but anything after the year will not be included and HouseScan will offer no refunds or discounts based on the time frame.