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Snagging Management Services

Have you purchased a new build property in the last 2 years? We help deliver new homeowners the product, quality and attention to detail you were promised from your house builder. Most new residential homes will come short of the advertised features and specification to the nature of the market. Allowing HouseScan to become your snagging management company will ensure the development delivers on their promises.

HouseScan is a snagging management company that perform inspections covering every inch of your home to check for any defects that might be present. We use high-quality equipment to identify thermal, structural and technical faults as well as our own expertise and knowledge to ensure that your home is the expected quality.

What is Snagging Management

Snagging is the process of picking up defects (snags) within a property. This generally refers to new build homes. HouseScan is a building inspection and snagging management company that works to create an easy to read, professionally made report, detailing defects and inconsistencies on every aspect of your house.

We concentrate on delivering new homeowners with the product, quality and attention to detail you were both promised and expected. With our vast experience and industry reputation as a snagging management company, property developers will take our findings more seriously and with more weight. As we are residential building experts, there can be little grounds to disagree with our snagging reports.

Our custom software allows effective and streamlines productivity to simplify and manage your property with the snagging and omission list of any construction project.

If your property is time under warranty, and no previous snagging report was complete, we can still inspect your home and report back any snags or omission from your home build. The property developer is still at liberty to provide the full specification that was signed when you bought the property. This can save you thousands on repair costs alone.

Lifetime Snagging Management Support

We work closely with you to deliver high-quality service and snagging management support to ensure that your property is kept at its best. Reporting the issues to the property developer is one stage of the process. If we do not check if the issues have been rectified, then some may still be apparent. This is why we offer snagging re-inspections, to ensure that issues have been rectified appropriately and to a high standard. We highly recommend this service as it will give peace of mind to you the consumer, whilst adding further weight to any re-occurring snags or omissions.

From the moment you acquire our services, we become your right-hand man for the whole time you live in your home. Whether you need some further advice or want a quick catch up to ask a few questions, we’re just a phone call or email away. We pride ourselves with our customer-focused after service, and ultimately want your property to be in your hands.

What are the benefits of Snagging Management?

  • Guarantee the quality of your home both now and for the future when you sell
  • Ensure your home is structural, technically, cosmetically and thermally to a good standard
  • Could save you thousands on repair costs if defects were not picked up within the warranty period

When house builders receive list after list of defects you get put to the bottom of the priorities pile. 1 list = no Excuses.

Start your Property Snagging Inspection

As a snagging management company, we use our knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure your home is professionally inspected, looking at all parts of the property to help ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for from your developer. Technical practices and regulatory standards can be difficult to identify to the common eye, especially if a builder has overlooked some snags or omissions.

Unlike other property snagging companies who use generic snagging software such as site audit pro, word and other basic applications we have created our very own inspection software. This is to ensure our reports are the most comprehensive and clear-cut.

Secure a professional snagging inspection today with just a £50 Deposit. To secure our services, simply pay the £50 deposit and we’ll be in touch to arrange a date that suits you. We’re flexible if the date changes. If you’re unsure contact us first to agree to a date.