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Snagging Inspections

What is a snagging Inspection?

A snagging inspection is the process of picking up defects (snags) within a property. This usually refers to a new build and can help you to make sure that you receive exactly what you pay for from your developer.

HouseScan is a professional snagging inspector team that has extensive experience in working with house builders. We know exactly what to look for, inspecting all parts of the property to ensure nothing is missed.

Why do you need a Snagging Inspection?

With housebuilding output at a record high, media attention has turned to the declining quality of new builds in the UK. This means that quality can take a back seat in favour of speed and quantity of new homes being built.

HouseScan are here to provide snagging inspections that can help to ensure your property is of a quality you expect, putting the consumer power back in your hands.

What does a Snag Inspection Involve?

We spend an average of 4-5 hours inspecting houses. We use a range of high tech snagging inspection equipment to cover all parts of your property.

Unlike any other inspectors, included in the price is a thermal imaging survey to help ensure your home is insulated and heating correctly.

From cosmetic issues, technical standards, build quality to electrical and plumbing faults, we’ve got you covered.

Our reports are one of the most comprehensive. We take a picture of every defect & clearly annotate to avoid excuses from your developer.

Any questions, advice, support or even if you want contact made on your behalf, we’re here to help and that’s a lifetime promise.

Start your Snagging Inspection

We use our knowledge experience and equipment to ensure your home is professionally inspected, looking at all parts of the property to help ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for from your developer.

To secure our services, simply pay the £50 deposit and we’ll be in touch to arrange a date that suits you. We’re flexible if the date changes. If you’re unsure contact us first to agree to a date.