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    1. 1. Snagging Inspection
    2. 2. Thermal Imaging Scan

    • Full digital report, including new images and comments
    • Market leading comprehensive digital report
    • Life time support and advice
    • Option to add bound report
    • Option to add de-snag survey
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    1. 1. Snagging Inspection
    2. 2. Thermal Imaging Scan
    3. 3. De-Snag

    Amazing Savings - 10% Discount

    Save money and buy the full package which includes your initial survey, a thermal imaging scan and a de-snag survey. You'll also receive a bound report with your survey.

    • Full inspection including internal, external, loft, garages & garden
    • Includes thermal imaging scan
    • Includes re-inspection / de-snag
    • Market leading comprehensive digital report
    • Life time support and advice
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    1. 1. Snagging Inspection

    • Full inspection including internal, external, loft, garages & garden
    • Market leading comprehensive digital report
    • Life time support and advice
    • Option to add thermal imaging scan
    • Option to add bound report
    • Option to add de-snag survey
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Please Note: Any room above the ground floor is classed as a bedroom.
If your property is more than 2500 square feet, please contact our team for a bespoke quote.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The HouseScan Snagging Inspection Survey:

  1. Our customers are either in the process of buying a new build or have purchased one within the last 2 years.
  2. Select your chosen HouseScan package via our website
  3. Book your slot using the live booking calendar
  4. Secure your slot with a £50 deposit
  5. Inspection takes place on the chosen day
  6. Inspector will then take upto 3 working days to format the report.
  7. The inspector will then upload the report to your account area on our website
  8. This will release an email to you informing you the report is ready,
  9. You can then return to the HouseScan website. Pay the full remaining balance which will allow you to immediately download your HouseScan report.
  10. You can then contact us anytime to help with various things such as answering questions, advice on developer communications and much much more.
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The HouseScan Aftercare Promise

We have collaborated our experience and knowledge of the house building industry to create the clearest cut and most comprehensive snagging inspection survey available. However, our service does not stop there…

We also ensure all of our customers get the best possible outcome from their snagging inspection report. We can help you with a strategy if the builder is not being as proactive as they should be as well as help you to give the builder a push in the right direction. Our aim is your satisfaction, so even if you have an issue arise a couple of years down the line, we encourage you to pick up the phone or drop us an email and ask any questions you may have.

Check out our reviews to see for yourself.

HouseScan Site Discount Scheme

Here at HouseScan we’ve now completed over 1500 snagging inspections over a 3 year period nationwide. We’ve mostly built our company through word of mouth and referrals.

To say thank you and reward customers who help spread our name we will now be offering site specific discounts. So if you are planning on having a HouseScan and you get a neighbour to also book their inspection through us you will both be discounted.

Here’s some info on how it works:

1 HouseScan = Listed price

2 HouseScan’s = 5% discount

3 HouseScan’s = 7.5% discount

4 HouseScan’s = 10% discount

5 HouseScan’s = 12.5% discount

6 HouseScan’s = 15% discount

You don’t need to wait for your neighbours. If you have your HouseScan and then within 1 month another person on your site has an inspection we will retrospectively refund your payment card the above discount. So if you have your inspection on May 1st and then within 1 month intervals or less 3 other people on your site get an inspection completed by us after being referred by you we will refund your payment card a total of 10%. Please note that the site discount scheme is not available in addition to any other discount or promotion.

See what’s involved with the HouseScan inspection

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Thermal Imaging Inspection

Along with a wide range of other high tech equipment, we also offer a thermal imaging inspection. Our thermal imaging inspection allows us to ensure your windows and doors are free from cold air ingress, no insulation voids or thermal bridging issues are present and your heating system is running correctly. This can be added to your apartment inspection for £40 or your house inspection for £70. Thermal photos of all defects picked up will of course be added to your report.

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We moved into our new home the beginning of October and had a House scan on the 5th. They picked up over 200 items. We had picked up 10. Really easy to talk to, very helpful and very efficient. Fantastic value for money.

Heidi Bramble

Very thorough, and knowledgeable. They came to our new build and found so many issues, but really put us at ease at the same time, letting us know they will support us if we need. I would highly recommend House Scan.

Jay Hewitt

Cant fault the service – very thorough and an in-depth report followed. Highly recommended.

Lee Clarkson

Excellent service, a very detailed report received highlighting numerous issues needing attention which we hadn’t spotted. We are now better placed to deal with the builders armed with this information. A very professional service, would happily recommend, especially to those buying a new build property.

Julie Kent

5 star service from HouseScan! Harry was super quick in making appointment/checking the house over and delivering snagging report. A lot of items on the very detailed report that I would never have noticed. Our developer has agreed to fix everything that was on the report so it was 100% worth getting done.

Jennifer Chambers

Very professional service from start to finish. I contacted a few companies before choosing Housescan. I found them to be the most knowledgeable and honest about the scope of the service. The inspection was extremely thorough and lasted around 5-6hrs. The report was of a great standard too. A lot of things picked up that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.

Craig McMonies