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Take Back Control

With housebuilding output at a record high, media attention has turned to the declining quality of new builds in the UK. With almost no governance over the quality of homes being built, quality can often take a back seat. With the average new homeowner finding just 10 – 20 defects and HouseScan finding an average of 150+ in a new home snagging report, we ensure your home is to the quality you expected and put the consumer power back in your hands. As we are independent of any house developers, we work for you the consumer allowing us to be your preferred snagging survey company.

Don’t let your house builder dictate the quality of the home they’ve built for you! Secure a professional new build snagging survey inspection today with just a £50 deposit. A snag is a small defect or problem after works have been completed which could be a something damaged, broken or not fitted correctly. No new homeowner should settle for an incomplete home, therefore after snagging a new house your home should be one step closer to completion.

Our Services

We have collaborated our experience and knowledge of the house building industry to create the most clear-cut and comprehensive snagging inspection report available. Although you may discover some faults yourself when snagging a new house, our professional and experienced snagging inspectors will ensure that complaints taken to the residential developments are taken seriously.

All our reports are created using our state of the art inspection software, this allows us to take multiple images per defect and ensure our reports are more extensive than any of our competitors. This not only makes our reports as clear as possible but also helps avoid any excuses from your builder.

As a snagging survey company, we want to remain competitive in the marketplace whilst providing the highest quality. We do this by offering different packages depending on the type of property and the number of rooms. Unlike other snagging inspectors all of our inspections have a thermal imaging scan of your property included in the price and furthermore, we’re here to help with any advice at any time now or in the future.

All we ask for is a £50 deposit to book a date for inspection. You can do this by calling or emailing the office, then following up on the website to pay the £50 deposit. We will then attend and fully inspect your property and provide your report within 1-3 working days.

Thermal Imaging Inspection 

With a thermal imaging camera, Borescopes, EME, laser levels and much more, our professional snagging service can help find the thermal, structural and technical faults that you may have only found when it’s too late. This will allow us to pick up on more issues and collect more information at the initial stage, which will help identify the problem. Not only that, we will search all rooms with a trained eye and pick up on minor details that are indictable to most people.