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A snagging survey will identify any defects in your new build property that your house builder will need to rectify. This includes anything that is not completed to specification, breaches building regulations or is not finished to acceptable standards. This checklist outlines a few common snags often found in the bathroom that your snagging inspector will look for amongst many others.

  • All sanitary fittings are undamaged and clean
  • Toilets flush and refill properly
  • The bath and shower are fitted properly and work correctly
  • Taps turn on properly, work properly, and are fixed solidly
  • Hot and cold water taps are working and labelled correctly
  • Water flow to the shower, bath, and sink is satisfactory
  • Fill the sink and bath to check that there are no leaks
  • The bath doesn’t creak or move and the sealant doesn’t stretch
  • Shower curtains or screens hold the water back and don’t leak
  • The sink and toilet are properly fixed to the wall/floor
  • The toilet seat is fixed and not loose
  • Pipes are secure and free of leaks
  • There is a waterproof, mould-resistant sealant around shower trays, baths, and basins
  • Plug sockets and shaver sockets are solidly fixed and work properly
  • Lights and light switches are compliant for use in wet areas
  • Light switches work and lights turn on and off properly
  • The shower isolation switch works
  • The radiator works, is fixed to the wall properly, and is not leaking
  • The extractor fan works properly and is fitted correctly
  • Plasterwork is neatly finished off around pipes, joints, and corners
  • All walls are well painted without blemishes or surface cracking
  • Skirtings and architraves are finished, tidy, and undamaged
  • Floors are flat and not creaking
  • Sheet flooring is even and free of bubbling
  • Floor and wall tiling is fully complete, adhered, and neatly grouted
  • The ceiling is flat and crack-free
  • Window frames are free from damage
  • Window glazing is clean and free from scratches and cracks
  • Windows open and shut properly and there are keys for each window lock
  • Doors open and close properly
  • Bathroom door locks work properly
  • Any wall units/cabinets are fixed properly with cupboard doors hung correctly
  • Any accessories such as mirrors, towel rails, and toilet roll holders are fitted to spec and are clean and undamaged

This list highlights just a few of the many faults found in the bathroom. HouseScan’s snagging inspectors have the expertise to identify all defects in your bathroom, including those demonstrated above and many more. Contact us to learn more about snagging surveys or book a full inspection of your bathroom and whole property now. Our professional snagging inspectors fully understand the tolerances and requirements associated with these defects so know exactly what to look for in your property.

Posted On February 11th, 2020

bathroom snagging checklist